Sunday, September 5, 2010

Took a little break there..

Not on purpose.  Just happened.

Work has been good.  They have been pulling me out of the shoe dept. to work in children's which has been nice.  It's been busy with summer winding down and Labor Day.  I requested Halloween off. My supervisor said she is pretty sure I will get if off.

Sara is teething.  She has NEVER had an issue with teething. Till now I would just notice a new tooth and then think back and think "Yeah, I guess she was a little fussy".  This is a whole other thing though.  She is getting her 2 yr molars.  I guess these are the worst because they are so flat and don't come in as easily as the sharper ones.  She is like a facet you can't turn off with the drooling, she has the loose stools and my previously awesome eater and sleeper has been doing neither well as of late.  As I type she is 11 in the am!  She came to me at about 9 am and wanted to cuddle and an hour later...she was out.  My angel doesn't normally do that.  She is not a happy girl.  This REALLY makes me appreciate that I haven';t had to go through this every time!

Today is my little sister's birthday. 21st actually!!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY SISTER PANTS!  I am sad that I am not with her to "show her the ropes"  LMAO!  But when she comes down in December it is on...unless I am pregnant.  Then it's on at the casinos for some gambling and I will be DD.

Still not pregnant.  5th month of trying. 5th month of Clomid.  Starting to worry...a TINY bit.  This month I am charting my basal temperature and checking other symptoms for ovulation, I won't get into that tmi.  I am also going to use ovulation predictors.  If I don't get pregnant this month, I am going back to the doctor.  Clomid is not recommended after the 6th month.  I am going to talk to my doctor about that and see what he suggests.  I am not super worried.  If we never have any children other then Sara, we are fine with that.  We can make peace with that.  I just need to know that we did everything.  Left no stone unturned.  If it turns out there is a problem that we can't fix or afford to fix (ie, needing IVF or the such)  then Sara will be one spoiled girl.  I am not someone who could adopt.  I just don't feel like I can love a child that is not my own, like my own.  I don't believe I am built that way.  And there is no way I am adopting a child without being ABSOLUTELY positive I could.  Jeff feels he could but respects that I could not.  I could however be a foster parent. We will see what the future holds.  We only want 1 more...just 1.