Saturday, August 14, 2010

It's been a CRAPPY week!

I haven't posted in a while because our A/C went out last Saturday night.  SUCK!!  It didn't get fixed till YESTERDAY!!  We had to spend a week in a hotel.  Not fun with a 2 yr old who is use to having her own space.  I don't like the way our landlord handled it.  For that reason and the fact that we are trying to save to buy a house we are looking to move to a cheaper place, preferably in Bullhead City, in January.

We have really been talking about the future lately.  We have decided to get serious about saving for a house.  We are planning to try to just make it with our 2 cars till we do that.  We had originally wanted to trade in our Cobalt and try to get a 4 door car or truck but my bestie recently gave us her car and we are going to fix that up and it's 4 doors.  We wanted to get something newer but, we figured we didn't want a bigger car payment than we already have when trying to buy a house. 

We are also *kinda* considering moving.  I know, anyone who knows us knows we go through this stage every once in a while and nothing happens.  And again, we may not move.  Jeff really wants to move up in his company and it isn't looking good for around here.  So we are considering maybe Phoenix.  I have always had mixed emotions about moving.  I am generally against it.  While I do think it would be exciting, nothing compares to being able to drive down the road to see most your family.  I really cherish how much time Sara gets to spend with her family.  I want her to grow up with her Grandparents and cousins and uncles.  Even though Phoenix is only 4 hrs away, it won't be as simple to just last minute decide to get together for a BBQ.  Who knows?  Jeff and I will figure it out.  I have full confidence in our family and what we can accomplish together.

On the TTC front, no A/C = no baby making :-(  I really hope I didn't ovulate this week.  I also screwed up on my Clomid so that is also a no go this month.  But Thursday I swear I felt some ovulation pain.  I never have noticed it before so I don't know for sure if that was it.  But we made sure to grab the opportunity as some would say.  Fingers crossed for a May baby!!!

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