Sunday, August 15, 2010

My daughter = GENIUS!! My husband = AWESOME!

My daughter is easily going to be smarter than Jeff and I both!  She catches on SO quick!! I swear in the last week she has been putting together sentences so good!!  For a couple months I have been able to have a conversation with her if I led it.  She now takes the conversation where SHE wants!!  Last night Jeff told Sara "Didn't Mama make you a good dinner?"  And she said "Thanks Mom it yummy!"  I nearly cried!  She also understands emotions.  She says "I happy" and smiles and "I sad" and makes a sad face.  She also tells me whether her dolls are happy or sad or mad.  She also says she is scared when she is scared.  She truly amazes me.  Just this morning she counts some puzzle pieces she was playing with.  She previously only counted to 2, this time she counted to 4!  She always tries REALLY hard to say her ABC's but normally succeeds in only saying "e e r..e e r"  LOL!  She tries though.  It's great to see some of the repetitive play/learning paying off!

Sara is also the typical girly girl!  She LOVES to play with her baby dolls.  She feeds, puts to sleep, rocks and plays with them.  She is such a little Mama!  I love it!  I really appreciate that Jeff lets her be that way without ever wanted to make her boy like.  Some men do that.  He was made to be a daddy to a little girl.  She plays dress up and daddy even helps her.

Jeff is so awesome.  I swear.  Of course he has his moments when I am like seriously?  (who doesn't?)  But overall he is just a great person and husband.  He has been waiting up for me every night when I get off work.  Even when he tells me before I go that he will be sleeping...he isn't.  I really love that he misses me and enjoys my presence enough to sacrifice sleep (I get off at 11 and Jeff has to get up at 3:30-4 am) 

I can now admit I was terrified that JUST maybe Jeff and I wouldn't have the patience/want, to give Sara the attention she deserves.  I have heard other people say that since they work they maybe don't make dinner/play with their children as much/have the patience.  I am happy to say this doesn't seem to be the case for us.  Jeff is truly a partner in that he does what needs to be done around the house, as I do, to keep the house running well for the 3 of us and allows us to enjoy our time together.  Also I am only working between 25-30 hrs a week so that helps!  I don't feel like Sara, Jeff or I have suffered at all by me starting work.  Of course I miss the nights with my family but most of the time I am only missing 2 hours with Sara. 

Also I kinda made a friend at work.  She has a 4 yr old daughter.  She seems nice and around my age so that is cool.

TTC- I am now positive I ovulated, hopefully the sperm goes where it needs to so we can complete our family and finalize our future plans.

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