Friday, August 6, 2010

Quick update!......that turned in a TOO long update.

Work is going great.  I am getting use to all the walking and feel like I am back in the flow of things.  It's weird seeing my Aunt at MY work though LOL!!  But it's cool. I think that working has actually been good for Jeff and I's relationship. It gives me a little more self worth. I feel like we enjoy our time together much more. I also feel like it makes me a better mother to Sara. I know it sounds strange. But I think that the time apart REALLY makes me make the time we have together fun filled and special. I really think she enjoys having her Daddy to her self to. That's something that is hard to do when I am always there. Now everyday they have there own time together.

Sara is doing great with the transition. Daddy is doing a great job with her.  I am so lucky to have such a clean husband!  I come home from work (which is generally from about 5:30 pm-11) he has made Sara dinner, bathe her, read to her and put her to bed AND the house, dinner mess, and dishes are all clean  He has made my transition to work incredibly smooth.  It means so much to me.  I truly got lucky!  And for those of you that are thinking "Well Jeff is a neat freak of course he would" let me add this, he has even been doing laundry AND folding it.  This is huge.  My husband has NEVER folded laundry.  He is spectacular in so ways but laundry has definitely been his krytonite.  But I was exhausted when I first started work so he stepped it up.

Jack was MIA for a day.  While Jeff was home the other night he had just gotten Sara to sleep and he let out Jack and off he went!  He just bolted!  Jeff didn't immediately go after him thinking he couldn't just leave Sara alone sleeping or not, just to go chase the dog.  Plus he normally will come back.  So he goes and gets the monitor and walks around as far as the monitor will let him.  Nothing.  I was at work for 3 more hours and currently we are a 1 car family so couldn't even wake Sara and take her to look for him.  So 3 hours later when I get home I go out and look, nothing.  So we went to bed thinking we will make a flyer in the morning.  The morning came, made a flyer.  All day nothing. No calls, no Jack.  I am seriously hoping someone did steal him just so that he isn't outside in the heat.  Finally around  7 that night someone called.  She had found him and taken him to a woman you runs a shelter out of her Golden Valley.  So the next morning we drove over to get him and was so happy to see, but he was filthy.  Jeff has really taken it personally that Jack ran off.  He is concerned that Jack doesn't like it here and has been doting on him like crazy.  He is such a softy.

My nephew Elijah just turned 1!!  His party is this Sunday I can't wait to see him eat cake and open presents.  I love 1st birthdays.

We got our 49ers@Cardinals tickets for MNF in November the other day!!  I CAN NOT wait!  I love me some football.  I am also looking forward to spend a day and night with just my husband.  I love him so much.  Then the end of December my sister and nephew are coming out for a visit.  I miss them like crazy.

On the TTC front, had AF, started my Clomid yesterday, will be trying VERY hard to fornicate (LMAO) every other day.  I WANT to get pregnant this month.

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