Friday, July 30, 2010

No way Mom!

This is definitely Sara's new saying "No way Mom!"  LOL!  She is talking up a storm lately.  She tells us when she falls she will say "Mom I fall, owie!" She will talk to Jack she says "No Jack go!"  She HATES when you leave without her!  When she notices me getting my purse and keys she runs to the door yelling "Bye bye Mom, CAR!  Kia pool!  Papa!!"  Kia is Kennedy her cousin.  We go to see her and Papa most often so she always thinks we are going there.  Another cute thing she says is "Wait Daddy/Mommy WAIT!"  She does this when she doesn't like what you are going to do.   She also tells the cars on the road to wait LOL!!  She is so adorable and is learning so much!

Sara had a doctor appointment yesterday, her 2 yr check-up.  She HATES the doctor!  Ever since she had an ear infection she hates it.  When she had the ear infection they had to look in her ear and get some wax out and she now equates pain with the doctor.  She is now 30 lbs and 34 3/4 inches tall.  That makes her in the 75th percentile for her age.  She is super healthy.  Doctor said everything looks good. She got some shots, with no side effects.

Apparently I am a rock star at my job.  They think I am so great and keep asking if I have worked in retail before.  I haven't, but it's not rocket science!  It's pretty much common sense!  I don't like my department manager.  She is has no class and is rude and not in a charming way.  She is also one those people who makes a show of looking busy without doing anything at all.  This last thing drives me nuts!  I can't stand people who don't take pride in their work.  Even if it's a stupid job I still believe you should do your best.  Oh well, I will start swing shift today so I won't see her anymore.

Sara seems to be doing great with me working.  I think it's because she is still in her own home with her daddy.  Sara and Jeff are bonding more too.  She relies on him more for the day to day stuff which makes him feels special too.  I still think this will be good for them both.  As much as I miss Sara I do enjoy getting out there and doing something if that makes sense.  It's like I have another identity now besides just Mommy/Wife.  I am Cristy too!  I could do without it and just be happy with Mommy/Wife, but it is a nice side effect to something I had to do.


  1. Ok! I will get right on that. But I must warn you, she NEVER preforms baby tricks when asked! It may take a while.