Monday, July 19, 2010


So I am super lame and took a pregnancy test yesterday. Negative. I am still not due for AF (Aunt Flow) until tomorrow or the next day. So there is still hope for this cycle. Testing has given me a huge sense of relief from the obsessing. So at least there is that.

So Wal-Mart said they will be calling today for orientation. I hope I start soon things are tight for sure. I am pretty excited to start something new. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE staying home with Sara but it will be nice to go out and do something that is just about me. I will have stories to tell Jeff instead of just gossip! LOL!! Maybe I will make a few friends, who knows! I am very happy knowing that Sara will be home with Jeff. He is the most awesome dad I know. I know he will do good. Not to mention that I know my house will be as clean if not cleaner then when I left! Not many women can say that!

One more week until Sara's 2nd birthday! I am so excited! I am really hoping that all the kids I invited come. I think Sara will LOVE having all her little friends together! I have a really great idea for Dora decorations too. I am going to print out some pictures of Dora and characters and glue them to cardboard and out them on the wall. I think it will look cool!

I was pretty productive today. I switched ALL my pictures out of the frames and put in more recent ones. I also did some organizing. I am a good wife! Ok off to eat!

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