Thursday, July 15, 2010

Damn wishful thinking...don't let me down!

I am becoming a bit obsessed with the thought of getting pregnant. I really feel like I need it this month! Every month that goes by makes me worry more that I won't have another baby. I know, 3 months is NOT that long to try. I know it can sometimes take a year but for some wierd reason I have always been afraid that I have fertility problems. My doctor reassured me that since I concieved Sara on my own that my chances are high. But, ugh , just let it be this month, PLEASE?

In Sara related news, she is really talking alot! She now says "Thank you" without being prompted (we are now working on you're welcome and excuse me). She can tell me what she wants for the most part. Which then leads to major frustration if I don't understand her. She LOVES to play with her dolls. She puts them to sleep, feeds them, loves them. She loves to put them all in the chairs around the dining room table and eat dinner with them. She insists that at least on doll eats with her and then sleeps with her. Also her toddler bed is going perfectly. I kinda knew it would but I swear, with Sara you never know what you're gonna get! Well it's been a week and she has had no trouble at all! She goes right to sleep and stay asleep and waits for you to come get her. It hasn't changed her sleeping pattern at all. Her naps are also the same. I kinda thought she would be ok because she is an awesome sleeper. I have never let her sleep with us past 4 months. I also did the cry it out method to get her to fall asleep on her own when she was 6 months. Naps took longer. I was still rocking her until a couple months ago. For some reason she just wouldn't do it during the day! All in all she is growing up to be a really fun little girl. If I was her age I would want to hang with her! She has some issues with sharing and we are working on that. She will share most anything except what is hers. She is very territorial! She will be 2 in 11 days. It seems like I just brought her home. I am so ready to make her a big sister.

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