Sunday, July 18, 2010

Obsession and the ABC's

So I am sadly getting VERY obsessed with the whole TTC thing. It definately consumed all my thinking yesterday. I have been reading about charting your temperature, ovulation tests, and some other pretty disgusting things to check for that I think may be a little bit tmi for here LOL! I really just feel like I have only this month and the next 2 to get preggo and then I may take a break, because after that will be a July due date in the week of Sara's birthday and I CAN NOT have that! I'd like to spoil my kids on their birthday and 2 in one month would be hard.

Yesterday and the day before I was exhausted. Especially yesterday. I am hoping that it's because I am already preggo but I also have a lot of jaw and neck pain that may not be letting be sleep well. I am due for AF on the 20th so I am trying to hold off till then to test. I am going to get some Dollar Tree tests baby! LOL! I heard they are decent. But I have a First Response one I will use if I get a faint positive.

Wow. I just went back and read all that and realized that yup, I am a loser and am obsessed with this. Hopefully the obsession will end soon with a beautiful positive pregnancy test!

In other news I hopefully start working Tuesday. This whole job process has taken forever but whatever. I hope I like my job.

Also my daughter is so on her way to learning the ABC's I tried to post a video but can't figure it out but in it I was singing them and damn if dshe wasn't trying hard and actually succeeding to say a couple of them! The video was super cute! I more week till her birthday party! I am really hoping all the kids I invited come. I think she would love that!

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