Friday, July 23, 2010

Wow. 2 years being a SAHM and I am a big whimp!

I. am. EXHAUSTED! I am dead tired. My job is going well. It's super easy. The people are nice. It's a job and least important thing in life that pays me $$! Sara misses me. Today when Jeff and Sara came to pick me up I still had 10 minutes left. She wanted a hug so I gave her one..and she wouldn't let go! It was so sad. I had to tell her mommy had to work. Jeff had to take her to look at the toys, poor girl. But I gotta feed her so this is what must be done.

Sara's party is in 2 days. We have been telling her for 2 weeks that her birthday is coming. She is finally getting it. We told her it was her birthday and that she was having a Dora party and a Dora cake. When you ask her about it she says "Dora cake!" LOL!

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  1. how cute I really wish that I could be there for her brithday but I am send out her present on monday. Along with your finished baby banket!! have fun tommorrow.